The focus of this program is to develop self confidence, promote healthy body image and produce strong young ladies and above all HAVE FUN! 
We have developed this program to be comparable to other after school extra-curricular activities such as dance and gymnastics. With our team of teachers and industry professionals we bring your girls the latest trends in beauty and fashion and bring out their inner selves through our unique and ever changing photoshoots! Your daughters will learn how to put their best foot forward and STRUTT the world - be it the hallways of school or the runway. Each 6 week program is built on the following foundations: Drama and Acting, Hair and Make-up, Runway Training, Health and Wellness, An Inner Creativity Challenge, and Photoshoots.
We have taken all the positive elements from all these "arts" to develop a program that focuses on each and every girls inner and outer beauty and talents. You do not have to be interested in being a model or actor to take our program however this program will train those who are interested valuable lessons and skills to further their potential in the industry. The girls do not have to have ANY previous modelling or acting experience. Nor do they have to be a certain size. This program is for ALL girls who want to explore a fabulous and fun industry, think outside of the box  and develop their creative side. We change up the classes every six weeks to explore different aspects of the industry.


2 Registration Classes:

6 - 12 ( Juniors ) - 1:00 - 3:00 pm

13 - 18 ( Seniors) - 3:15 - 5:15 pm


PRICE: $135+hst. ($152.55) STRUTT 5 Week Program

Payment must be recieved prior to session start date. 


To Be Announced 

Upon Registration you will be sent the 5 week creative outline for your daughter(s) registration period.


Questions? Email us at chrisalis@struttcentral.com


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